From The Tony Evers Campaign: Invitation To The Women Of Wisconsin

Women of Wisconsin…

Please join me in launching the Women for Tony Network 

I have met so many women who are enthusiastic about my husband’s candidacy for Governor, and the question I keep hearing again and again is “How can I help?”
Well, I have one easy, but very meaningful way.
Will you please join me in adding your name to the list of women who publicly support Tony Evers and become a founding member of our Women for Tony Network?
Even if you are helping the campaign in other ways, even if you have already donated time or money (thank you!), please join me in building a network of women around the state who care about public education, affordable healthcare, a clean and safe environment and, frankly, common decency in government. Tony stands for all of these Wisconsin values with us.
And after you fill out the form, will you please forward this message to your own network and ask them to join us in publicly supporting Tony Evers: maybe to a sister in Green Bay? or to an aunt in Monroe? And don’t forget your girlfriends nearby and those all over the state….
In these challenging political times, I personally would love to elect a governor who is kind, compassionate, listens and helps other because it’s simply the right thing to do. A governor who understands not just what is important to women, but who will work hard for ALL Wisconsinites. If you feel the same, please take a minute to sign up and to share this message with all of the important women in your life.
I am For Evers forever,
Thank you,
Kathy Evers
(Authorized and paid for by Mark L. Taylor, Genoa, WI., and not a campaign committee.)