God, Media & Tribal Identity: Why Many Women Ignore Their Interests & Vote For The Frat Boy GOP

[Editor’s Note: This article provides valuable insight as to not just why many women, but many workers and members of the middle class vote Republican even though the party is a direct threat to their families, interests and needs. — Mark L. Taylor]

By Valarie Tarico
The Raw Story (9/24/18)

Lists of crazy comments about women by Republican men have been an internet staple for years. If the party agenda were to alienate as many females as possible, they should be doing quite well.

Worse yet, from an impact standpoint, the policy priorities of Republican electeds match their expressed attitudes. Equal pay? Contraception? Abortion? Paid family leave? Childcare support? Forget it.

Republican women on the whole are living in a very different narrative universe than the one Democratic women are living in. The Donald Trump they voted for is not the Donald Trump you voted against. 

And then there’s behavior.

As Leonard Pitts Jr. put it, here is where we stand:

After supporting senatorial candidate Roy Moore (a credibly accused child molester) President Donald Trump (a confessed perpetrator of sexual assault) has nominated to the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh (a credibly accused attempted rapist) who would, if confirmed, serve alongside Clarence Thomas (a credibly accused sexual harasser).

The Grand Old Party isn’t much of a party for women; it’s more like a frat party—a power-drunk letch-fest. The Grand Old Boys Party.

One might think by now that Republican and woman would be a contradiction in terms. Granted, college-educated women are trickling away from the GOP; that should be no surprise. The head scratcher is that any stay. WTF. Before you decide that all female Republicans must be brainless or bad, and therefore hopeless, consider the following: …

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  • WTH?! Trump Supporter Tells Her Daughters Boys Groping Girls Is ‘no big deal’ — Groping a woman? At 18?” she says incredulously. “I mean how many guys do you know who think that’s no big deal?” she asked her young daughters, who nodded affirmatively. “It’s not a big deal,” the woman continued. … Read the Rest and 30-Second Video

(Commoner Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2018. Open source and free for non-serivative use with link to www.thecommonercall.org )


WTH, CNN? Twitter Users Quickly Show Network’s Panel Of ‘average’ Republican Women Discussing Kavanaugh Is Anything But 

By Jen Hayden
Daily Kos (9/24/18)

CNN helpfully hosted a panel of “average” Republican women to get a feeling on where they stand about the allegation from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attacked her when she was 15 years old (he was 17 at the time), pinning her on a bed, trying to take off her clothes, and putting his hand over her mouth when she protested.

In a shockingly cruel and unified voice, the women all brushed off the allegations. One woman helpfully pointed out that all teen boys do this! Not sure how these women are raising their sons, but no—not all young men do this, and we shouldn’t accept it when they do.

You can watch the segment below, but it didn’t take long for Twitter users to identify the “average” Republican women and expose their deep connections to both the Kavanaugh nomination and the Republican Party as a whole. CNN should have clearly identified these women and their party connections.

The woman in the white sweater is Lourdes de la Peña. She and her husband have hosted $1,000-per-plate fundraisers in their home for (and with) Ted and Heidi Cruz. Twitter user Shawn Brandt showed that Irina Villarino, seated in the middle, is such a big Trump supporter that she was seated directly next to Donald Trump at a recent tax cut event. Another woman, Gina Sosa, is a failed Republican candidate in Florida.

These women are most certainly not the “average” Republican women that CNN portrayed them as, and this isn’t the first time this has happened on CNN. In the era of Donald Trump, they have TWICE featured a plain ol’, average Republican woman screeching about how much she hated Obama and loves Donald Trump. Unfortunately, they never identified this woman as Susan DeLemus, a now former Republican state representative in New Hampshire, who gained a reputation for racist ideas and policies. They also neglected to mention her husband is Jerry DeLemus of the Trump for President Veteran’s Coalition, who is currently serving seven years in federal prison for his role in Cliven Bundy’s standoff with federal agents in Nevada in 2014. Jerry DeLemus also turned up at the Ammon and Ryan Bundy takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in 2016. …

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  • Top 4 Pieces Of Sexual Harassment That Brought Us To The Kavanaugh Debacle — Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – I would argue that it is no accident that yet another accusation of sexual harassment against Brett Kavanaugh has surfaced, by his Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez. Persons who do these things do them for reasons of power, not sex, and they typically don’t just do them once. Kavanaugh is denying this allegation as he did the first one, by Christine Blasey Ford. If they accusations are true, one thing Kavanaugh’s behavior did was drive more than one woman into the field of psychology so that she could help victims of sexual abuse. I cannot know the truth of the matter with absolute certainty, though I’m inclined to believe the two women–all the more so because there are now two. I think it is worth pointing out that the entire process whereby Trump became a celebrity, was elected president, and put Kavaugh forward was itself deeply entangled with practices of sexual predation toward women. … Read the Rest and 1+.Minute Video


Seth Meyers Levels Brett Kavanaugh After Fox News Interview

By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (9/27/18)

Seth Meyers took a more serious approach in picking apart Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee federal judge Brett Kavanaugh’s well-staged Fox News interview. While the republicans on the senate judiciary committee are bringing in a female prosecutor to do their dirty work, Kavanaugh would only submit to a question massage in the studios of Fox News. His unwillingness to support a FBI investigation and his turning to Fox News for a staged wife-by-my-side faux news interview tell you all you need to know about Kavanaugh.

Between the Fx News lovefest and the fact that only 7% of the records request has been met the question remains: what is Brett Kavanaugh and his republican senate enablers hiding? Well there is no way to know everything but one thing is for certain: they are hiding the truth.

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