Escaping Auschwitz: ‘I Have A Message For You’

‘Hells Gate’ at the Auschwitz Nazi concentration death camp. 

[Editor’s Note: At a time of our own official governmental concentration camps and the cruel separation of families this story is a powerful warning of where we may be heading in this nation. Beware. Resist. — Mark L. Taylor]

The  New York Times (8/3/18)

This week’s Op-Doc is Matan Rochlitz’s powerful film “I Have a Message for You,” about a woman’s extraordinary journey of survival and redemption. It’s a remarkable piece, both for the creativity of its visual approach and for its unusual combination of tragedy, beauty and catharsis.

Link to 13-Minute Video


  • Camera Drone Gives Unique View Of The Vast, Industrialized Killing Operation Of Auschwitz Concentration Camp: Link to 4-Minute Video