If Trump Shot Michael Cohen In Broad Daylight, Here’s What Republicans Would Say


By Lawrence Douglas & Alexander George
The Guardian (8/23/18)

You can just imagine the tweets, denials and equivocating that would follow a murder committed by Trump on Fifth Avenue, can’t you?

Link to Tweets


Reality Check: A Few Flashbacks Of Republicans Dismissing Trump As ‘crazy’ And “kook”Before They Began Licking Him With Praise

What happened to the Republican Party?

As just one example we have Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who said of Donald Trump back in 2016: “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”

Then recently Graham said, “You know what concerns me about the American press is this endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook who is not fit to be president.”

Makes me wonder what the Russians may have on the wobbly-kneed senator and others of his ilk. If you think the Russians limited their email hacking to the Democrats I have a resolute South Carolina senator to refer you to.

The list of sycophantic Republican weenies is long and tawdry. The video below includes performances by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and White House contortionist Kelly Anne Conway. — Mark L. Taylor

Link to 6-Minute Video

(Commoner Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2018. Open source and free to use with link to www.thecommonercall.org )