Author Chris Hedges: Both political parties have betrayed working class

Labor union leadership has also betrayed workers.

The Hill (8/23/18)

Former New York Times correspondent Chris Hedges said Thursday that Republicans and Democrats have both betrayed working-class voters.

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Here’s A Longer Address By Hedges: “America: The Farewell Tour”

“All of the warning signs that  have brought down empires in history are flashing red within the American empire.”

[Editor’s Note: The last half of this video includes some pretty forthright discussion about how to mount resistance to what is happening across the nation. What is needed is what has been done by the people … “We have to make them afraid of us.” Hope is not enough. This is important to hear. — Mark L. Taylor]

Politics & Prose (8/30/18)

A longtime foreign correspondent, Hedges has reported from more than fifty countries. His latest book is a profound exploration of one of the most troubled: today’s United States. Hedges, author of American Fascists and War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, cites the opioid crisis, the increases in gambling and magical thinking, and the explosion of xenophobia as symptoms of a society that has lost hope. He traces this disillusionment to the twin ills of a de facto corporate coup d’état and a failed democracy. The anger and frustration these have spawned helped bring Trump to power and Hedges issues a passionate call to action to reverse them.

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