Sen. Elizabeth Warren Lays Out The Truth About Lobbying & How To Reform The Corrupt System Of Influence

End Lobbying As We Know It

Back in the 1970s, there weren’t enough corporate lobbyists in Washington to fill a school bus. Now, they run the show. My new Anti-Corruption Act would end lobbying as we know it and get our government working for the people – not the rich and powerful.

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Dems Vote To Strip Power From Superdelegates, Reform Caucuses

By Chas Danner
New York Magazine (8/26/18)

Democrats voted overwhelmingly on Saturday for the biggest reforms to its presidential nomination process in decades, including a major reduction in the power of superdelegates, and a measure to make state caucuses more accessible. The reforms were approved after a four-hour debate at the Democratic National Committee’s meeting in Chicago, and were backed by both DNC chairman Tom Perez and Senator Bernie Sanders, who had sharply criticized the role of superdelegates as he ran for president in 2016.

Under the old process, superdelegates — made up of members of the Democratic National Committee, elected officials, and distinguished party elders — were not bound to the outcomes of primaries and caucuses, but could vote to nominate whichever presidential candidate they wanted at the national convention. This gave them an outsize, and in the minds of many, unfair role in determining the party’s nominee. (Superdelegates made up about 15 percent of the delegates at the 2016 convention.)

Under the new process starting in 2020, superdelegates will still be able to attend party conventions as delegates, but will not be able to vote in the first round of ballots and will be able to vote in the very rare event of a deadlock. …

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