The Sanders-Inspired Grass-Roots Group ‘Our Revolution’ Is Flailing


By Edward-Isaac Dovere
Politico (5/21/18)

Bernie Sanders’ top operatives formed “Our Revolution” after he lost the 2016 primaries to keep his army organized and motivated — and potentially prepare for another presidential run in 2020.

But an extensive review of the Sanders-inspired group depicts an organization in disarray — operating primarily as a promotional vehicle for its leader and sometimes even snubbing candidates aligned with Sanders. Our Revolution has shown no ability to tip a major Democratic election in its favor — despite possessing Sanders’ email list, the envy of the Democratic Party — and can claim no major wins in 2018 as its own.

The result has left many Sanders supporters disillusioned, feeling that the group that was supposed to harness the senator’s grass-roots movement is failing in its mission. The problems have also fueled doubts about Sanders’ organizational ability heading into 2020, even after his out-of-nowhere near-march to the nomination two years ago. Critics of the Vermont independent had been worried he’d have a juggernaut-in-waiting to fuel a second presidential campaign, but that anxiety has faded after watching Our Revolution the past year and a half.

“Our Revolution is going through growing pains,” acknowledged Jane Kleeb, the group’s treasurer, while arguing that progress is being made. “Creating a grass-roots organization is different from running a presidential campaign.”

The group writes on its website that “the next step for Bernie Sanders’ movement is Our Revolution,” and uses his name, quotations and photos in its material under a logo of the colors and font Sanders used in his 2016 presidential campaign. But Sanders, who is legally separated from Our Revolution, does not keep up with its day-to-day activities and has expressed discomfort with attacks by affiliates of Our Revolution against some politicians.

Among the findings of POLITICO’s examination of Our Revolution, based on interviews with two dozen sources inside and outside the organization: …

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Our Revolution Keeps Consultant Who Made Anti-Immigrant Comments

By Edward-Isaac Dovere
Politico (5/22/18)

Nina Turner is keeping her personal consultant on the Our Revolution payroll despite complaints from current and former board members and staff that the woman has made anti-immigrant comments that compromise the Bernie Sanders-inspired political group’s values.

In a statement out Tuesday, Turner, the group’s president, noted that the comments by Tezlyn Figaro are not held by Turner, or by Our Revolution. On Fox News last year, Figaro cited President Donald Trump‘s “leadership” on the travel ban and said, “We are sick and tired of immigrants coming into the country and getting benefits that Americans do not get … what I’m seeing is not paying taxes, what I’m seeing is getting a lot of freebies that Americans do not get.” …

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