Trumputin’s Completed Check List…

By Thomas Balistrieri
the Commoner Call (5/10/18)

Alienate most Americans.  Check.

Threaten journalists. Check.

Influence all Americans to dismiss journalists…fake news. Check.

Dehumanize Mexicans. Check.

Dehumanize women. Check.

Make infidelity normal. Check.

Make sure wife stays with infidel. Check.

Dehumanize Muslims. Check.

Destroy the environment. Check.

Lie regularly. Normalize that.  Check.

Dehumanize Blacks. Check.

Justify white supremacy. Check.

Lie to children and then turn on them at NRA. Check.

Require note card on how to be human. Check.

Periodically rant like absolute crazy man and frighten people. Check.

Build literal or figurative walls to divide people. Check.

Dehumanize Native Americans. Threaten with other anti-Christ president, Andrew Jackson. Check.

Make enemies of as many countries as possible. Check.

Threaten other crazy people like North Korea. Check.

Then make friends and pull wool over eyes…putrify the Nobel. Hahahaha!  Check.

Dehumanize Middle-Eastern countries and people. Check.

Create chaos between and among friends and enemies alike…who is what to whom? Check.

Wear out normal people so they become silent. Check.

Dehumanize the struggling poor. Check.

Make it easier for the filthy rich to get richer. Check.

Put people into place who have no souls and do not understand the common man. Check.

Hire crazy people to utterly confuse already confusing scenarios so that no one knows what the truth really is. Check.

Turn your daughter into a porn-dream for men and women. Check.

Make pedophilia normal. (See daughter above.) Check.

Act in treasonous fashion. Check.

Influence followers to get guns into even more hands. Check.

Emasculate fellow Republicans. Check.

Lie about events in other countries…knowing many Americans are so ignorant they won’t discover the truth. Check.

Dehumanize LGBTQIA+ including making sure not in military. Check.

Threaten to put opponents in jail. Check.

Wipe out environmental protections. Check.

Deify and befriend violent leaders. Check.

Take credit for things you didn’t do. Check.

Change, destroy or marginalize ANYTHING the Black president before you put into place. Check.

Make fun of the less fortunate, sick, weak. Check.

Open doors to violent behaviors by others. Check.

Hire liars to speak for you. Check.

Spend millions of dollars of the common person’s taxes on your enjoyment. Check.

Spend hundreds of hours on vacation instead of working. Check.

Create a ‘federal voice (Fox)’ for your policies. Check.

Threaten those who disagree with you. Check.

Blind the people with extreme language and behavior and false stories. Check.

(Commoner Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2018. Open source and free for non-derivative use with link to )