A Whole New Meaning For Trumputin’s MAGA

Okay — yes, yes — I know, Trumputin’s personal attorney and shady fixer Michael Cohen didn’t get arrested by the feds. He just had his home, office and hotel room raided by the FBI, sparking a Twitter meltdown by Donald “The Don” Trumputin.

Just another ho-hum day in Trumplandia.

But I just couldn’t help putting a comment from a reader on The Young Turks website to work in a cartoon: “M.A.G.A …..My attorney got Arrested.”

So, yeah, Cohen hasn’t gotten arrested … yet.

Hell, the week isn’t even done.

A news item came out Wednesday that Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller has ordered up 35 more subpoenas.

Stay tuned. Things are about to get weirder and weirder.

Mark L. Taylor, Editor
The Commoner Call (4/12/18)