The Facebook / Cambridge Analytica Threat: Big, If True


On The Media/ WNYC 93/23/18)

Cambridge Analytica claims that, with the help of 50 million Facebook users’ data, it was able to target ads so specifically and so effectively that it helped swing the election for Donald Trump. The media have been more than happy to boost the claim, but many experts are skeptical. This week, a look at what exactly went on with Cambridge Analytica and whether we shouldn’t be focusing more on Facebook. Plus, how social media works to undermine free will and what the future might hold for Facebook.

1. Antonio García Martínez, columnist at WIRED and former tech entrepreneur, on Cambridge Analytica’s “psychographic” techniquesListen.

2. Siva Vaidhyanathan, director of University of Virginia’s Center for Media and Citizenship, on past regulatory efforts to reign in FacebookListen.

3. Franklin Foer, staff writer at The Atlantic, on what he sees as Facebook’s war on free willListen.

4. Clay Shirky, author, educator and tech writer, on what real change for Facebook might look like and why he is still an optimist when it comes to the internet.  Listen.

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Cambridge Analytica: Just how important is it?

Channel 4 News (3/27/18)

What has Cambridge Analytica actually been accused of? And why should you care? All those concerned deny any wrongdoing.

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