Democratic Party Establishment Trying To Boot Bernie Progressive From Congressional Race

The Washington Post reports that the Democratic establishment tried to push one of our top progressive candidates — Bernie supporter and Reverend Greg Edwards — out of a key congressional race in Pennsylvania:

“A black Democratic candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania is accusing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of undermining his campaign and trying to nudge him out of the race in favor of white candidates.

“As far as I know, they only targeted one candidate to leave this race — the most progressive candidate, the only candidate of color,” Edwards said.”

Greg is the frontrunner in this district, which is rated a top pickup opportunity for Democrats. He raised more money than any Republican or Democrat — nearly $200,000 from 3,000 grassroots donations last year. He has the most professional campaign team.

Can you donate $3 to Greg’s campaign today? Then, please pass this to others. We need to get Greg’s back and give him the momentum he needs to win as a progressive and TAKE BACK THE HOUSE.

Greg attended two of our PCCC candidate trainings, and he was a Bernie supporter in 2016. He’s campaigning on bold progressive ideas like Medicare For All, unrigging our broken political system, and standing up for workers against corporate abuses.

He is deeply rooted in his community and started building a campaign operation last year to defeat a Republican incumbent. He was so competitive, the Republican retired!! A few weeks ago, a court case resulted in the lines of this district being redrawn to be even more Democratic.

It’s absurd for the establishment to try to push this awesome, competitive, progressive out. We need to send a signal that the grassroots has Greg’s back.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— The Progressive Change Campaign Committee

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