John Oliver Returns: Trump vs The World

Comedian and social critic John Oliver returned to the air Sunday night with a pointed and powerful take down of Donald Trump’s disastrous impact on the image and effectiveness of the United States overseas. Ambassador posts remain unfilled in critical capitols around the globe. Trump proposes a 29% cut in the State Department budget, leaving the nation with less and less soft power to represent national needs and interests and leaving us with a higher likelihood of armed conflicts.

In just over a year Trump and his bumbling band of misfits has turned the nation into a laughingstock from corner bar rooms to executive boardrooms around the planet. Trump comic impersonators have popped up around the world. You definitely want to see Vladimir Putin’s reaction to one of them. Putin has Trump just where he wants him and knows, at the end of the day, the sick joke is on US. — Mark L. Taylor

19-Minute Video