After Flushing Away $850 Billion To $1 Trillion Failed Afghanistan War Continues, 16 Years & Counting


On Point/WBUR (2/1/18)

America’s war in Afghanistan has been raging for 16 years, and a new spate of violence could deal a blow to peace prospects there. Is there any way to win or get out?

Highlight From This Show: We’ve lost the war of the story in Afghanistan, and we can’t recover.’

“America has been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years – and the situation on the ground is a chaotic, deadly mess. Just in this week, a string of brazen insurgent attacks killed more than a hundred people. The Afghan capital is a war zone. Western aid groups are under threat or gone. President Trump says no negotiations with the Taliban, and more American troops are on their way. This hour, On Point: Is it an unwinnable stalemate?” –-Anthony Brooks


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