50 Ways 100% Clean Energy Won In 2017


By Jodie Van Horn
Sierra Club (12/30/17)

We’d never argue that 2017 was a great year, but some really great things did happen.

Here are 50 ways (yes, 50!) that clean energy kept winning in 2017 despite Trump’s attempts to roll back the country’s progress.

1. The Republican Mayor Championing 100% Renewable Energy in Louisiana

Republican Mayor Greg Lemons made his small town of Abita Springs the first municipality in Louisiana to commit to 100% clean energy. Mayor Lemons said his 100% renewable energy vision for Abita Springs, which has a population of 2,900, aligns with the conservative values of his community—and it has made him a trailblazer across Louisiana.

2. Madison and Abita Springs Committed to 100% Clean Energy on the Same Day!

On March 21, Madison, Wisconsin and Abita Springs, Louisiana became the 24th and 25th cities in the country to commit to 100% clean energy. Last year, more than 70% of voters in Madison cast ballots supporting Hillary Clinton, while in St. Tammany Parish, where Abita Springs is located, more than 70% of voters supported Donald Trump. They agree on one thing, at least—the need for 100% clean energy.

3. Solar Created Even More Jobs Across America

new report released this year by The Solar Foundation showed that in 2016, the number of solar jobsincreased in 44 of the 50 states, and more than 260,000 Americans now work in solar. In several major metro areas, the solar workforce grew by 50% or more. The New York Times ran a major piece in April, which pretty much sums it up: Today’s Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal.

4. Chicago Committed to Power All Municipal Buildings with 100% Renewable Energy by 2025

In April, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that by 2025, all 900-plus buildings operated by the city, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Park District, Chicago Housing Authority and City Colleges will be powered entirely by renewable sources. In 2016, those buildings used nearly 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity—equal to the energy needed to power about 295,000 homes.

5. U.S. Mayors Announced New National Drive for 100% Clean Energy

Mayors from across the U.S. teamed up with the Ready for 100 campaign to announce Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, a new effort to engage and recruit mayors to endorse a goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy in cities across the country.

6. 100% Clean Energy at the People’s Climate March

A contingent of 100% clean energy activists representing communities from coast to coast joined hundreds of thousands of people marching in the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC on April 29.

7. Atlanta Committed to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

Atlanta became the largest city in the South to commit to running entirely on clean energy. The city then took it to the people to learn through a series of #CommunityConversations why Atlanta is #ReadyFor100. Atlantans are helping shape the plan, set to be released next year—and they’ve even got some superhero support.

8. More Companies Bought Into 100% Clean Energy

Around the world, a record number of big corporations, ranging from Anheuser-Busch to Kellogg, committed to going all-in on 100% clean energy. Collectively, their energy footprint is greater than all energy consumed in the state of New York. Corporate demand for renewable energy is helping drive a shift away from fossil fuels and bringing more renewable energy online. Google declared it now buys enough wind to cover 100% of its energy use. …

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