See The Hidden White House Visitor Records Trump Doesn’t Want Americans To See


The Trump White House tried to block public access to visitor logs of five federal offices working directly for the president even though they were subject to public disclosure through the Freedom of Information Act. Property of the People, a Washington-based transparency group, successfully sued the administration to release the data and provided the documents to ProPublica. You can search them below. Related: Koch Lobbyists and Opus Dei — Who’s Dropping in on Trump Budget Czar Mick Mulvaney? | About the data | Download the data

If you have information about these meetings, or who attended them, contact us at or via Signal at (573) 239-7440. Here’s how to leak to ProPublica.

230 Days

2,169 Redactions

8,807 Meetings…

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How to Leak to ProPublica

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