Reign Of Terror At Colorado Boys & Girls Ranch Finally Stopped Years After Abuse First Reported


By Health Impact News/ Staff (11/6/17)

When Lisa Mitchell contacted Health Impact News in 2016 about the medical kidnapping of her son Samuel, she recounted horrific acts of abuse that her son suffered at the hand of El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch, where he was forced to stay by Child Protective Services for 6 years. Now, that facility has been shut down by the state of Colorado – permanently.

It is a measure of vindication for the Mitchells and other families who suffered at El Pueblo, but the years that they lost can never be replaced. Samuel told Denver’s ABC 7 that:

“They pretty much [expletive] up my life.”

Samuel suffered a traumatic brain injury during his birth in 1997, which left him intellectually impaired. Doctors placed him on 6 different psychotropic drugs when he was only 6 years old. In 2007, Child Protective Services seized him from his home.

There were never any allegations of abuse or neglect of any kind. The justification for him to be medically kidnapped was that the state could allegedly “provide” more services than his family could for his mental health issues. Lisa Mitchell has been fighting this tyrannical overreach of governmental power ever since.

One by one, the kids who reported wrongdoing by the staff found themselves accused of crimes, many of which were fabricated. 

Samuel was placed into a couple of different facilities, and then was placed into El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch in 2009, where he spent the next 6 years.

His mother fought relentlessly for his freedom as she heard increasingly disturbing tales of abuse that occurred in the facility. For years, she and other parents of children held in El Pueblo were ignored.

According to ABC 7, even a former staff members allegations of abuse were ignored. David Gonzales worked for El Pueblo for 6 months and reported witnessing abuse of the children. His allegations were consistent with the stories told by residents.

Lisa reports that the children were drugged, abused, and starved – “treated like guinea pigs for profit.” Children got into trouble for sneaking food, but they were hungry. They were reportedly not being give adequate food.

Children were put into restraints and illegal holds. While several news reports about El Pueblo allude to fights between the residents, Lisa said that it went much deeper than that. She alleged that the staff would drug the kids, then pit them against each other to fight – much like cock fights or dog fights, only with children.

While Samuel was in the facility, Lisa says that they broke his arm, his foot, and his leg. When he didn’t use his crutches, “they hurt him again.” She says that they repeatedly reinjured her son.

The ACLU got involved in 2013. Based on their allegations of children being held in solitary confinement, the “reflection cottages” were temporarily shut down. It wasn’t long, however, before things were back to the same and the cottages were reopened. …

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  • Original Story: Colorado Mom Loses Medically Kidnapped Son’s Childhood – Now Reveals State Corruption – When 6 year old Samuel Mitchell had difficulties in school stemming from a brain injury at birth, his mother sought help. Eventually, Child Protective Services of Colorado decided that they could do a better job of caring for Samuel, and they seized him from his family and locked him away in a facility where they turned him into a medical guinea pig. He spent years being heavily drugged, and when his mother and the ACLU investigated and exposed some of the corruption, there was retaliation. Now, Samuel is 18, falsely imprisoned for charges with no evidence that a crime actually occurred, and his mother Lisa Mitchell is working to unravel and expose the years of harm done to her son. This family’s story is just the tip of the iceberg of the horrific drugging of foster children and children who are hidden away in America’s institutions and mental health facilities. … Read the Rest


  • There is a Facebook page called Denied Innocence: Exonerate Samuel Mitchell, where Lisa Mitchell continues to dig into the financial motivations for children being placed at El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch. She first blew the whistle on the facility in 2009.