True Freedom Is Choosing Our Lawmakers


By Dennis Brault
The Commoner Call (9/21/17)

I would like to thank Dale Schulz, former republican State Senator, who addressed the Vernon County board on the reasons we need Fair Map redistricting reform. I would also like to thank the 386 Vernon County residents who signed the Fair Maps petition and those who gathered signatures for it. Your voices were heard. One September 19th the Vernon County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the Fair Maps resolution, becoming the 29th county to do so. This sent the message to Madison that we want Fair Map redistricting reform legislation passed before the 2020 census.

But friends your work is not done. We must keep up the pressure on our state representatives. Both Senator Jen Shilling and Lee Nerison need to hear from us. Don’t let your silence be your consent.

Call them
Lee Nerison (608) 266-3534
Lee needs to hear from you. Tell Lee to sign on as a cosponsor for AB44 and help make nonpartisan, Fair Maps elections a possibility. Tell Lee Fair Maps preserve the sanctity of “one person—one vote.” Tell Lee you’re grateful for his support of nonpartisan redistricting reform for Fair Map elections!

Jen Shilling (800)385-3385
Jen needs to hear from you too. Tell Jen to sign on as a cosponsor for SB13. Tell Jen Fair Maps help ensure our freedom to choose our representatives. Tell Jen you’re grateful for her support of nonpartisan redistricting reform for Fair Map elections!

Tell them.

Call Lee Nerison (608) 266-3534

Call Jen Shilling (800)385-3385

Slay the Gerrymander — For Fair Elections