Recruit Reports: Venezuela Protesters Get Drugs, Money For Violent Acts


teleSur (7/6/17)

A man who was recruited by Venezuela’s right-wing opposition told teleSUR in a recent interview that anti-government lawmakers provided illicit drugs and money for them to continue violent protests that began almost three months ago, which have since claimed at least 95 lives.

His voice and his name were undisclosed to protect his integrity.

“Well, the majority of those who went to fight consumed drugs, all of them used drugs, they destroyed anything in their path, lots of ugly things. Like when at one point they cut some guy’s throat because he was a Chavista I think,” the man said.

“Crispy, cocaine, marijuana and something called popper. And most of them (protesters) would consume this and it would make them lose control and do crazy things.”

He claimed opposition lawmakers, including National Assembly member Miguel Pizarro, would recruit young men and provide them with supplies needed to participate in the marches against the government. Among those items were money, food, clothes, gasoline, shields and illicit drugs.

“Crispy, cocaine, marijuana and something called popper,” the man said. “And most of them (protesters) would consume this and it would make them lose control and do crazy things.”

He added that the legislator would “tell us to prepare to destroy everything, to go to the front without fear.”

Every day a new death

During the interview, the man pointed out that he believed the leaders planned the deaths of the protesters so that they could earn the sympathy of Venezuelans and the international community.

He said it is likely that the deaths could be planned because they always send one person in front of the crowd. That person, according to the recruit, usually ended up dying. He said the deaths are the only reason why they continue to protest on the streets.

“Every day there is a new death, the same supposedly radical people, their deaths could be planned for tomorrow, you never know,” he said.

“Because they always seek someone to go as far forward as possible. I was among those and through some miracle, I wasn’t killed.”

During a recent talk at Florida International University, opposition leader and National Assembly member Juan Requesens justified ongoing opposition protests aimed at toppling the democratically-elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“In order to have a foreign intervention, we have to pass through these stages, no?” Requesens asked.

“If the government wants a war, we will give it to them.”

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