Abby Martin Brings Back The Unreported Story Of Viscous Right Wing Violence In Venezuela Protests


The Commoner Call (6/12/17)

It’s nothing new that the American mainstream media presents highly edited and selected reporting on domestic violence in countries seen as unfriendly to United State corporate interests. Recently much has been made about the bumbling and often bullying actions of the left wing government led by Nicolás Maduro while opposition forces have been portrayed as plucky and courageous opponents.

Empire Files host Abby Martin just returned from Venezuela where she saw first hand how violent opposition protesters actively intimidate reporters – even threatening murder – and thereby give a false impression of what is actually happening. The right wing opposition have been burning people alive and there have been lynchings of pro-government citizens. The media has been especially targeted by the right wing squads. Given the anti-media rantings of Donald Trump and his paramilitary Trumpinistas it is a story that may have more relevance to our situation than we would like to assume.

Link to 14-Minute Video

  • US journo On Venezuelan Protests: ‘Second you contradict the narrative, they threaten to kill you’ – A political TV show reporter has been threatened over her coverage of anti-government protests in Venezuela last month. Abby Martin, the co-producer of The Empire Files, started to receive death threats, saying she would be lynched. Venezuela has been gripped by protests since the beginning of 2017, resulting in dozens of people being killed. Link to Story and 5-Minute Video
  • RAW VIDEO: Molotovs Fly In Caracas As Violent Protests Rock Venezuela – 1+-Minute Video