A ‘Commoner’ Reader Links Govt. Control Of Currency And Militarism


Progressives claim they are against the wars and all the militarism. OK, but then why support an authoritarian control over the issuance of the thing called money?

The sovereign ‘authority’ to spend and then tax is a trap by which The People are ensnared into militarism they do not want. An ancient strategy called out by David Graeber in his book “Debt: The First 5000 Years.” Simple plan really – government declares its supreme authority to issue currency and first spends it into existence on the military. Then the self proclaimed authoritarian government (same self-declared nonsense as the Divine Right Of Kings) declares that The People must pay a tax with the ‘coin of the realm’ that the government first spent into existence with the military. (Yes, that very military industrial complex – the MIC – Eisenhower warned against.) And, wham, The People must do business with the MIC.

Now just what is so progressive about all this?


Mark Heffernan

(Editor’s Note:FYI,  Mark had also sent a note a week or so ago recommending the Corbett Report as a reliable source of alternative news and views. – Mark L. Taylor)

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