Your Tax Money At Work: Site Logs How Much Are You Paying For Donny’s Weekends Playing Golf & Scarfing Up Chocolate Cake At Mar-a-Lago


A new website – “Is Trump At Mar-a-Lago”– keeps overstretched taxpayers up-to-date on how much money they are forking over for Trump’s almost weekly runs to his super luxury Florida retreat.

While regular Americans are working, taking on extra shifts or an extra job while often struggling to make the rent, trying to pay health insurance premiums for their kids or pinching pennies to pay for gas money to get to work, Melania is sunning herself by the pool while the “Bloviating Orange Child” is playing yet another round of golf (my God, does the man have nothing else that interests him?).

Forget about Meals on Wheels for seniors or boosting budgets for inner city schools or assuring healthcare for all, the most pressing need in America apparently is to pay for travel, security costs and rooms for Secret Service and hangers on at the luxury Mar-a-Lago so the BOC can play in his gilded sand box.

Find out how much has been spent so far and what that money could have been used for instead, HERE.