A Commoner Writes – What’s With All The Talk About White Men?

Hey Mark,   What’s with all the white men references in your lead article (four times, including the title) [“In This Era Of Intolerance White Men Of Conscience Have A Special Duty To Speak Out Against Hate”, 1/20/17]?  Are you suggesting that white women do not have a “special duty” to speak out?  I found your piece very disconcertingly like a call to action from a men-only club.

Carol Dagnon

Editor’s Reply: Oh, no, it’s a time for all people – no matter their racial or ethnic background – to get active and speak out. It is just that I do believe we white men need to be especially vocal and active as women and all minorities are being marginalized and attacked. I want to see we white men be more active in concert with others and in support of others, NOT in place of others. Given the alt-right forces like to speak for supposed white male interests there is a special responsibility for us white males to say, “not in my (our) name”. I’m really calling for white males to step up. I just want to make sure white men are stepping up to the challenge in support of everyone else.