The Life Of Muckraking Journalist George Seldes Is A Story Of Bold Resistance In Dark Times

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By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (1/19/17)
Trump’s inaugural extravaganza will no doubt contain enough bombast and darkness for a 1950’s Grade B monster movie. If you are looking for some inspiration of how a citizen can stand for right in difficult times check out the 1998 documentary “Tell The Truth And Run”,  a wonderful overview of the bold life of muckraker journalist George Seldes.
As a witness to some of the greatest horrors and abuses of the 20th century, Seldes triggered the wrath of everyone from Gen. Pershing to Adolph Hitler, who tried to have him killed. Oh, and he also pissed of corporate bullies and homegrown sociopaths like our very own Sen. Joseph McCarthy.
Seldes’ commentary on the big publishers and the majority of editors and journalists is of his day is – unfortunately – as relevant now as it was back then. Even more so…
Whereas so much of the media fritter away their First Amendment rights – and obligations – Seledes wielded the power of the First Amendment like a beautiful banner.
Among those interviewed is a much younger Ralph Nader, who credits Seldes for inspiring his career of consumaer rights and political activism.  Longtime Village Voice columnist and bold civil libertarian Nate Hentoff, who died last week, is also interviewed.
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