Call Rep. Lee Nerison: Republicans About To Steal More Control From Local Govt.

Call Lee Nerison….

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Remind Lee Freedom is Local ControL

By Dennis Brault
The Commoner Call (9/7/17)

Call Lee Nerison….(608) 266-3534….Remind Lee Freedom is Local Control…

Wisconsin budget committee approves transportation package after months-long impasse

“After a months-long stalemate, Republican lawmakers have reached a deal on funding Wisconsin’s roads that includes about $402 million in borrowing, new fees for electric and hybrid vehicles, construction delays and modifications to quarry regulations….Limits would be placed on local governments’ ability to regulate noise, blasting, water and air quality standards, the depth and quantity of materials being mined, truck traffic and hours of operation.” — Cap Times 9/6/17

Local control of our water and air quality is being taken away by state republicans as the budget writing committee passes the transportation bill. The bill includes a half a billion in new borrowing, a tax on electric vehicles and the non budgetary taking of local control over non metallic mines, ie. frac sand mines and limestone quarries.

Freedom is telling Lee Nerison to leave our local control over water and air alone.

Call Lee Nerison….(608) 266-3534
Tell Lee that you expect him to support the people and their locally elected officials to best protect our water and air quality. Tell him to trust the citizens in his district over powerful state interests. Let Lee know you believe us locals can decide what’s best for our communities. We don’t need the state setting these rules., or else our local choice freedoms will be denied to us. Us locals will lose the local control freedom to protect our community’s water and air quality.

Tell Lee that non budget items don’t belong in the budget!

Tell Lee you’re confident he’ll lead the effort to pull the non metallic mine legislation out of the state budget.

Call Lee Nerison….(608) 266-3534… Tell him…Freedom is Local Control…Tell him…

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